20212021 SME Direct Support Service
EPIA Investigator Initiated Clinical Trial approval
ISO13485 certified
CE certified
2020Veterinary medical device manufacturing business/export license VETPIA(Automatic Epidural Anesthesia Device for animal) Prototype production
Certificate of GMP
Registration of Medical device manufacture
Surgical Sewing Machine Technology grade: T4 (graded by NICE Investors Service)
Selected for three R&D support tasks including One-Stop Support project from DGMIF

Exhibition & Academy
∙Arab Health 2020 – Exhibit
2019Acquired Venture Business Certificate (벤처기업인증)
Exhibition & Academy
∙ American Urological Association 2019 – Presentation and Exhibit
∙ Medtec China 2019 – Exhibit
∙ American Society of Anesthesiology 2019 – Exhibit
∙ Chinese Orthopaedic Association 2019 – Participation
Prototyped EPIA

Prototyped EPIA prototype
Completed development of software for Intelligent Drill
2018Recruited executive members
Produced several medical sewing machine prototypes
Company assets increased by about ₩200M ($168,000)
2017Developed Intelligent drill prototype
2015Presented EPIA (PCN) at American Urological Association 2015 and European Association of Urology 2015
2013Presented medical sewing machine in American Urological Association 2013
2012Established RIMSCIENCE Co., Ltd.
2009Submitted patent application on medical sewing machine

* American Urological Association Annual Meeting is one of the largest medical conferences in USA, and it attracts more than 11,000 urology healthcare professional attendees.