CEO Message

Sang-Jin Yoon, MD-PhD Founder and CEO

Today, it is the era of new industry emerging from convergence and integration of various technologies. RIMSCIENCE was established in 2012 in Seoul, South Korea with a mission of “digitalization of doctors’ dexterity and senses.” RIMSCIENCE is specialized in developing innovative medical devices, methods and technologies for better performance and satisfaction to both doctors and patients.

Based on my past 20 years of medical practice, I have observed some aspects of surgery system remain undeveloped compared to other aspects due to neglect or its extreme demand for expertise. For instance, there is no significant improvement in suturing that heavily depend on doctor’s labor and handwork. However, unlike surgical suturing, sewing for clothing has been shifted from using hands to machines since the industrial revolution. As a result, almost all clothes nowadays are now produced by the sewing machines, which save time and labor by increasing efficiency. Seeing the striking improvement in the field of textile and clothing manufacturing, I have focused on R&D of a medical device which could automate the whole suturing just like a sewing machine.

Since establishment, RIMSCIENCE has expanded its R&D interests. RIMSCIENCE’s main R&D interests are:

  • EPIA senses a resistance/reaction force by a needle during epidural injection, giving a better identification of epidural space and placement of the needle.
  • Intelligent Drill senses rotational speed and automatically stops after penetration of a bone.
  • Medical Sewing Machine provides mechanical, automatic knotless suturing instead of hand suturing (no fish hook-like needle needed).
  • Intelligent Surgical Robot System (Natural Motion-Controlled Digital Robot System) reproduces automated, comprehensible surgery procedures and natural motion-control by digitalization of the procedures and information obtained during surgery.

RIMSCIENCE has continued to develop and produce the next generation of prototypes through cooperation with manufacturers and joint-research with Gachon University-Gil Medical Center in South Korea. 

RIMSCIENCE also has been managing the patents on the devices and technologies worldwide in ~20 countries including USA, China, Europe and South Korea. 

RIMSCIENCE will always strive to introduce significant innovation in the medical field. On behalf of RIMSCIENCE, I look forward to your support and continued partnership with RIMSCIENCE.


Thank you