Professor Yoon's Aim

The reason why Doctor Yoon contributing his efforts to Medical device industry.

 As a human-being it is almost impossible to avoid the mistakes either doctors or patients.

 The five senses of human often make mistakes since it mainly depends on a person’s sight, touch, and hearing.

 What is definition of a good surgeon? I would say a doctor who has learned the great skills by undergoing many trials and errors is a good surgeon. A good doctor can teach his surgeon skills to a junior doctor. However, the junior doctor may suffer with the same mistakes that a good doctor had before.

 If we can reduce the doctor’s mistakes in the moment that the experienced doctor transfers his techniques to the junior doctor, a patient’s pain may decrease. In order to do that I find out there is a big necessity to digitalize all the previous analog medical devices. And I am sure that this idea will brought us a great change and make lots of impossible things to possible.

 First was Medical Sewing Machine. I have seen many good surgeons’ suturing, but the suturing pattern was not as consistent as sewing machines where I find the big potential of medical sewing machine. If the first industrial revolution was to replace human labor force in terms of the mechanization of the human labor force, I think it could be regarded as the first medical revolution. Next idea is a medical needle with A.I sensor equipped which can allow doctors to suture the hard organs or the tissues that’s diagnosed with a needle, with an anticancer thread.

 Second, the cognitive function starts with the five senses. If the pressure gauge, artificial tongue, artificial ear, and artificial eye can be attached with the needle, we can recognize the radioactive materials and even the hand-skills of veteran doctors can be shown with pressure numeralization.

 Thirdly, Intelligent drill is the same as EPIA, but the needle moves in a linear motion while the drill is the sensor for the rotor. Auto-stop function, the drill will automatically stop drilling when the bone is pierced, can be applicable diagnosing diseases such as osteoporosis. If you make the drill-hole drill channel, you can analyze the sample to control the rotating body.

 The fourth is to reenact the motion of a person. First, it is possible to make the coordinates of a person’s motion by assigning it to a robot that follows it. It is not difficult to make motion functions like screen golf or Nintendo, and you can easily find the robots that imitating a person’s motion.

 I used the terms A.I but more accurately my goal is to build “Intelligent surgical system through Digitalization of doctor’s Dexterity and senses”